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Start The Film Year With The Basics

As we start this year waiting for the jobs to flow it is hard to anticipate what to expect. But, if last year was any indication we can expect more of the same. Vancouver is booming. Production in BC is seeing unprecedented levels. The city is expecting some really big shows. Dead Poole 2, and Predator just to name a few. With this comes a few challenges. Increased production volume means more work is available. Vancouver is experiencing more productions than it traditionally handled in the past. This means that experienced workers are stretched thin, giving an opportunity for new film workers to move up or into various jobs. This sudden influx of inexperienced film workers has bypassed the normal model...

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Staying Healthy On-Set

Now is the season in which we find ourselves back to the long days and hard nights.  The hardest thing for those that work on set is to stay healthy.  Unlike other jobs we don’t get paid sick days.  Every day we take off is another couple hundred dollars not in our pockets.  There are many factors that contribute to a decline of our health on set.  And, research is stacking up against our chosen field.  So let’s figure out how to manage ourselves as best as possible.  In this post we will focus on the small changes we can make in what we eat on set.  By creating positive changes, we can have more energy on set, handle the lack...

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Set Yourself Up For Success in Film

Have you blown through your New Years Resolutions yet?  Have you set one?  As we see the signs of life in the film industry, and hear the news tell us how wonderfully busy this year is going to be, we should take the time to make a plan. As a Self-Contracted Employee, you need to be thinking of your future. This may seem redundant to many, and most will say they know all about this, but how many actually put into practice a plan for their finances? Finances for the near future and distant. As the paycheques become constant, and the bank accounts fill a bit, many will begin to go on a spending spree. Either sushi, movie marathons of...

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