Investing with BCPAX

BCPAX is a unique company that looks to serve the employability of film employees by providing tools and services designed to create a more favourable work environment.  BCPAX will starting in British Columbia before providing services to other territories.   BCPAX is an online store, a multi platform hiring and availability app and is a membership based service provider.  Our three pronged business model is designed to make us sustainable in an ever fluctuating industry.  As a company we believe in being able to share in the success of this initiative.

BCPAX is proud to offer the chance for individuals who are interested in becoming a part of our company at our very beginning.   We have made available a limited number of Investment Shares. 

Investment shares are different than the Membership offered.  Membership in BCPAX gives the benefit of savings on equipment and services.  Investing in BCPAX will allow you to hold Investment Shares in the company, and a dividend payed to each share. 

Each share invested in is the potential to grown this company.  BCPAX in committed to creating a sustainable and safe investment.  

An investor in BCPAX will receive an inside report into programs and future projects where BCPAX is looking to benefit members and the local film industry. 

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