Membership Card


Membership Card

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BCPAX is a film community and membership serving site.  As a company, we are looking to harness the power of membership to bring as many cost savings as we can and pass on those savings directly to members.   Whether it be ridesharing, cutting the cost of essential gear such as rain jackets, or implementing future programs and services that members have mentioned would benefit them; BCPAX understands the needs of production employees and works hard to directly save members money.  BCPAX membership is a one-time investment and a lifetime of savings.  We offer a 10% discount to members on items in the store and special pricing on services.

A Card with a personal code will be sent to you. Please go to log in to fill out a profile. 

We are committed to helping all production employees.  The greater the BCPAX community, the greater our ability to bring savings to BCPAX members.



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