Phone Belt Holster Pouch
Phone Belt Holster Pouch


Phone Belt Holster Pouch

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There are numerous reasons you might need your phone on your belt instead of your back pocket:

  • A lot of girls pants can't fit a phone
  • When most people sit down to pee, the phone pops out the back pocket into the toilet.
  • To carry your phone on set, in a pouch it looks official - officially phone!


  • This phone pouch has a velcro top - in case you have to run; it wont wall out
  • Double rivet straps to clip over your belt if you have already put on your belt and don't want to take it out to put the puch on
  • Fits large phones in pre-existing cases up to a 5.5" phone (Note3)
  • Made of seatbelt, so it will survive a car accident



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