1 Waterproof Headset + 2 Ear Gummies
1 Waterproof Headset + 2 Ear Gummies


1 Waterproof Headset + 2 Ear Gummies

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  •  Waterproof IP54 high-quality two-way radio surveillance kit earpiece 
    • Waterproof PTT only. (not submergeable)
  •  With Big PPT push to talk button
  • Silent barrel big Push-to-Talk (PTT) with clip
  • Soft acoustic tube earbud comfortable and safe to wear
  • Two way radio accessory acoustic tube earpiece
  • Walkie talkie accessory earphone
  • Separated microphone in most popular PTT. PTT button and earpiece for discreet communication.
  • Quick disconnection acoustic tube.
  • Clear sound quality, noise eliminated
  • Can change the earplug 

+ Included: 1 Left & 1 Right Ear Gummie of either black or clear.



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